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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week II - The Open Cup...a poem - J. Rupp"

I had not intended to print the poems Joyce writes to begin each new week, but this one has been a part of my day.  Its images have offered moments of peace as I have worked to deal with "life".

At times, I stumble...
Life seldom seems to be simple. Balancing different relationships, differing perceptions and values, commitments, unknowns, frustrations... those things that are a part of daily life, appear on our path.  Sometimes we have to step over them or around them.  There are times we stumble on them, falling as we travel our journey.  There are times they seem to completely block our path.
At times the path seems blocked.

Other times, the path seems to totally disappear!

How I figure out how to deal with these obstacles, is largely determined how I have been caring for myself. Using the image of the cup, for my "self", if I am already overflowing, there just isn't any place for God to reach in and help me!  And....if I do not pause, do not rest in his presence, I do not give him a chance to empty me and then fill me.

There are times the path seems to disappear.

I appreciated this poem today. It was a gift

Generous God
so many times I've come
with my empty cup
a beggar of the heart
devoid of nourishment
depleted of energy

and you have filled

Generous God
so many times I've come
afraid of unknowns
full of negatives and no's
fighting the challenges
closed and resistant to growth

and you have opened

Generous God
so many times I've come
a stranger to my spirit
crammed with cultural noise
caught in endless clutter
crowding my inner space

and you have emptied

Generous God
I come to you again
holding out my waiting cup
begging that it first be emptied
of all that blocks the way
then  asking for its filling 
with love that tastes like you

- Joyce Rupp, Cup of Life, p. 45

Many Blessings ~ Sandi

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  1. I can relate the "the stuff". The mounds of things that I cannot seem to get through and empty, so I cna let God fill me - the school work, the dishes, the laundry, the bitterness, time commitments, etc. Help me to evaluate the clutter that fills my heart and my time.