Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transparent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world. ~ Sara Ban Breathnach

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 6 - Evening Review

Raindrops. Raindrops. Raindrops.
It has been gray and rainy here most of today. Several times, I have looked out my window and thought how I was to be thinking "dry" and "thirsty" and all I can see is dampness.

To many thoughts for one day.
It has also been a busy day. Besides keeping the thoughts of Joyce in my heart, I have been working to clean out my Inbox after spending nearly a month away from my main computer. I've a session meeting tomorrow night and a Cup of Life small group at noon.  Plus, I have been trying to read a text book on Volunteer Administration so I might know something on the exam in May. This evening, my mind feels more than a little fragmented. Instead of a haunting Celtic hymn like I promised last night, I have opted for the soothing voice John Michael Talbot to bring a bit of sanity to my clutteredness this evening. Only in God

It is only in God that I will find my hope and my salvation...that I will I find rest.

In the Evening Review, we are invited to reflect on the past day. Joyce says it can be before we get into bed,  or as you are undressing, or as you are lying in reflect on the day we have just lived.
  1. How open or aware was I to the presence of God in my day?
  2. What kind of nourishment did I receive? What kind of nourishment did I give?
  3. Does anything need to be emptied out in order for me to be at peace tonight?
  4. For what do I thank God as I prepare to enter into sleep?
I wonder how this Evening Review is working for you.  How has it been helpful or how has it been a bit difficult?  Have you had any new insights once you look back on your day?

Ruah is a feminine Hebrew word meaning
breath, wind, inspiration or spirit.
I spent an hour this morning searching through videos to find something for Easter Sunrise. There are some amazing videos, with very graphic images. I realized my hands were clinched so tightly at times that my nails were digging into my palms. The reading this morning and then the videos seemed to give me a heightened awareness of God's presence.

At times, I have felt surrounded, and held. My mountain of tasks, did not feel as overwhelming as they normally might. I became a bit concerned when I could not quite grasp some of the material in my text book, yet...I was not reduced to tears!! I actually felt a sense of calm.

As unnerving were the videos I previewed, they were also a source of nourishment.  I sensed that "filling" of my heart through out the day and couldn't help but smile when I was able to share a bit with others via email and phone. This figure of Ruah is a wonderful image for this day.  Breathing in, I have felt nourished. Breathing out, I have felt that I shared God's grace and peace with the Universe. I have felt a part of this day.  I have lived this day from a place of love.

I thank God again for the nudges to begin blogging.  Knowing I would be sitting down to write, I have been paying more attention to my thoughts, my actions, my environment. And in the process, I have been blessed.

I have never had a G-Mail account, until I began this blogging adventure.  Today I played with creating a theme on my main page.  There were several nice possibilities, but I chose a beach scene.  I had missed there was an ice cream cone stuck in the sand!  And then later...there was an enveloped etched in the sand where the ice cream cone had been!

I so enjoy these kind of surprises!!!

Imagine though my big surprise when I searched for an image of Jesus for this evening's posting and the first thing that appeared was this...

I think God has a great sense of humor!

Loving God and Father of us all, grant me, and those who are joining me on this adventure, good rest during the night.  Surround us with your love and fill us with your Spirit so that we might know peace. Amen.

Many Blessings ~ Sandi

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  1. So I am backward blogging. I finally had time to respond from my journal about Day 1. I posted it under an earlier blog. In time, I will go back. But for now...I am going to be blessed because the mouse has once again stayed hidden, be thankful that Eli and I had our conversation about unconditional love, and be hopeful that the prayers of my heart for those I love who are going through the wilderness will make them feel uplifted when they can't see the light themselves. We are to cast light in the darkness, and how thankful I am that my light can be the prayers of my heart when the miles or the time separate us from those we love.
    I once again appreciate your faithfulness to the study and your willingness to share and try new things.