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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week IV - Day 6 - The Mended Cup - The Evening Review/Integration and Review - Part I

FYI - Petra - Christian Rock Band
has reunited to tour in 2011!
Using a video from Petra this morning sparked conversation within the Wednesday Lunch Bunch today.  After everyone left, I continued going down "Petra Memory Lane."  Rediscovering "How Long" the words resonated with some of the questions asked during these past two weeks of studyHow Long - Petra
We talked about the blessing of there being many ways to hear God's word...and that we do not have to be able to hear or even like ALL the means of communication.  For those who do not really appreciate Petra, here are the words to How Long:

We have prayed to you for rain...cried your compassion
We have sung our songs of victory 
We have prayed to you for rain 
We have cried your compassion 
To renew the land again 
Now we're standing in your presence 
More hungry than before 
Now we're on your steps of mercy and we're knocking at your door 

How long 
Before you drench the barren land 
how long 
Before we see a righteous man 
How long 
Before your name is lifted high 
How long 
Before the weeping turns to songs of joy 

Lord, we know your heart is broken 
By the evil that you see 
And you've stayed your hand of judgment 
For your plan to set men free 
But the land is still in darkness 
And we've fled from what is right 
And we've failed the silent children 

Who will never see the light 

The deaf will hear and the blind will see.
But I know a day is coming 
When the deaf will hear his voice 
When the blind will see the savior 
And the lame will leap for joy 
When a widow finds a husband 
Who will always love his bride 
And the orphan finds a father 
Who will never leave her side 

How long 
Before your glory lights the skies 
How long 
Before your radiance lifts our eyes 
How long 
Before your fragrance fills the air 
How long 
Before the earth resounds with songs of joy

Since God created such diversity within the world, isn't it great he gave us such diverse means of communicating the Good News of the Gospel!

This cartoon would lead me to believe he doesn't even want us to hear
the Good News in the same way.  So...I might as well lean back and simply accept the reality that not everyone appreciates and learns the same as me.  Maybe I should even say, "Thank you, God!"

The Wednesday Lunch Bunch all took a Band-Aid today to use as a bookmark for the remainder of this a reminder that healing is a process rather than a one-time event...and that it is never ending.  Last evening, my granddaughter asked about my "Trust" stone I have been using this week.  Thinking of her questions, I also brought an assortment of stones to choose from and ink pens today for women to write their own words of reminder or hope.

Since the Lunch Bunch reviewed the entire Week IV readings, I decided to also include Day 7's Integration and Review in this posting. As is often the case, responses were varied and their diversity.

1. When have you felt like a broken cup?

I think there have been times in my life that I have been a broken cup, yet either I could not articulate that or I refused to acknowledge my brokenness.  Either way, at some point, the unacknowledged brokenness finally grew to the point I had no choice but to

Well....I just walked in after another l-o-n-g day.  I began my reflection earlier today...and it can wait until tomorrow to be finished.  But, before I sign off on another day I want to say a special thank you to the Wednesday Lunch ladies just make my week.

I would like to say another thank you to all those who are practicing for Palm Sunday and Easter.  I hummed some of your music all the way home.  This is for you.  You are doing an "Easter" version.  Still, I wanted you to hear Leonard Cohen...
....for Easter....Boggstown and I will be glad it is you offering us this praise of Hallelujah!  You all are the greatest!

Good Night...

Many Blessings ~ Sandi

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