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Monday, April 4, 2011

Week III - Day 6 - The Cup of Wisdom - The Evening Review

Today, I will call on Holy Wisdom at least twice during the day and ask for guidance.  I managed to call, asking for guidance and direction.  Not because I was "on" today as much as I had a reminder. I write on a stone and that served as either a visible or physical nudge during the day. I have used polished stones for various projects through the years, so I have an ample supply.  At first I was drawn to a perfect black stone, but then I realized it looked "perfect."  I have several whitish stones, because they are not my favorites.  They are a "no" color and they are not as interesting as others, so they accumulate.  Imagine my surprise as I reached for a white stone, with deep brown cuts or broken places that didn't heal well...
An imperfect stone, a perfect reminder.

I chose the white stone for that very reason. It is much more like my life than the smooth, perfect, colorful...stones.

I have picked it up several times today.  Sometimes I have squeezed it in my hand and sometimes I have traced the broken places.  Sometimes, I have simply held it and lifted up a prayer. Some might say my stone is a crutch, but I don't think God minds my using a crutch.
The heart of worship...may be found at

I found a great worship song today that has many of the same thoughts Joyce includes within The Cup of Life:Centre of My Life

I also stumbled across some wonderful Christian art. I thought this image, the heart of worship was beautiful. Because I do not want to lose this resource, I included it beneath the picture.

I considered my broken and healed stone, Centre of My Life song, and this image of the heart of worship, gifts today. God knows this child is visual and tactile. Images, colors, music, texture....speaks to me in ways that words do not always connect. With these gifts, it is much easier for me to let go and be present with Mystery...with Wisdom...with Guidance.

1. How open or aware was I to the presence of God in my day?
2. What kind of nourishment did I receive? What kind of nourishment did I give?
3. Does anything need to be emptied out in order for me to be at peace tonight?
4. For what do I thank God as I prepare to enter into sleep?

Prayer and Guidance by
Mark Anthony Jacobson
I think my action of selecting a stone and writing on it...setting it in front of me or carrying it in my pocket...I think that action created an openness for God to work.  I'm still facing some tough decisions and I still have a heavy schedule. but I am not as edgy this evening.  I can't say I am "peaceful", but I have worked through different challenges and questions at a time. With each step, I have whispered a prayer for guidance and trust.
Even though I am no longer
a young mother, I can relate
to this image!

I came across another blogger today, a young mother.  By the image on her blog, I am guessing she is also feeling frazzled by life. She wrote that she was considering beginning a structured day planner, with a place to check off nearly everything a busy mom would be responsible for doing. She was also setting her watch to buzz once every hour as a reminder to pause...for just a moment to say a prayer.  Her thought regarding prayer was if she became more aware of praying each day, she believed her days would have a different quality to them.  They would still be busy and perhaps a bit frazzled, but she was looking to make each day a walk with God.

I posted a short prayer for this younger sister who seems to be in the throes of life's challenges as well.  Thing many of us are doing our best to survive a frazzled life.  Jesus called us into support and encourage one another.  All to often, we suffer in silence, feeling more frazzled and more disconnected from what is important.

I thank God for the gift of a stone and images that have enabled me to have a few sabbath moments today. I thank God for the gift of music and the gift of friends who listen without judgement.  I thank God for the gift of my grandkids.  The youngest this evening was very vocal, and a bit demanding with "Giz!" I thank God that I don't have to have my life "all together" before coming before him.  I pray that he continues to teach me and to guide me so that I might be his song to others.

For all these things, I thank you, God.  Please give me, and those who are journeying through Lent along with me, peaceful rest tonight.  Rise with us in the morning, giving us a spirit of curiosity and focus.  May we sense your presence during this night and in the days to come. AMEN.

Many Blessings ~ Sandi

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