Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transparent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world. ~ Sara Ban Breathnach

Friday, April 1, 2011

Week III - Day 5 - Which Cup is Best? - The Evening Review

Breathing in: I am ___your name___
Breathing out:...thank you God.

Lean not on your own understanding.
It is amazing, a bit scary, incomprehensible, think that are loved by the Creator of this magnificent world...and that are part of his creation.  God, I cannot get my head wrapped around this notion of love and acceptance.  This Is Where the Healing Begins - Tenth Avenue North

I just looked out my window and see bright sunshine from the west.  Today has been an interesting mix of gray skies, cold, windy, thunder, rain and dark clouds...and now BRIGHT sunshine.  Our God does appreciate a grand sense of diversity within the space of a few hours.
Warm Saganaki and Warm Pita Bread...

I had lunch today with a Sister of Spirit.  We covered a wide range of topics over a Greek Salad and of course some Fried Saganaki.  One more day of being nourished by good food and good fellowship. It is nice being aware of these moments...rather than simply taking them for granted.

The nourishment went both ways during our lunch.  I listened...she listened. Companions in Christ would have considered we were both nourished by the gift of Holy Listening. And within such listening...there is God.

I was also nourished this evening taking a blueberry muffin to my mother-in-law who is dealing with the after effects of radiation and chemo.  I learned that she really enjoyed the muffin I had taken her several days ago.  Since her appetite is cause for concern I don't mind stopping at Panera every time I am out! She was grateful and she would probably say she was the one being nourished....but it was me who felt filled with inner peace as I walked to my car.  Another gift to not be taken for granted.

It is crazy thinking, trying to find their answers to their questions!
Does anything need to be emptied out in order for me to be at peace tonight?

Part of my luncheon conversation dealt with questions and speculations of what people want or expect.  Neither one of us had any "answers" since when asked, those who are unhappy cannot seem to articulate what it is they are unhappy with. So....many questions and no sense of direction.

Still, having written this...I am not exactly anxious.  But, having written is on my heart, so before I turn in tonight I will visually empty out my cup as a reminder to myself that God is within the questions and the lack of direction.  God is present and when I become quiet and present myself...I may gain a sense of where he is leading me.

For what do I thank God for as I prepare to enter sleep?

Trusting that God will hold...
I thank God that I am learning to not hold my stuff so open my hands a bit so he can take it...and hold it for me.

I thank God for companions who love me, companions I can trust, allowing me to be honest.  Companions who listen without trying to fix me. These kind of companions are truly a blessing and a gift.

I thank God for the gift of my daughters.  They love me.  They keep me on my toes. They can keep me guessing!

Cup of Wisdom
As I look forward to emptying my cup, I look forward to a gentle rest and peaceful dreams.  May we all have good sleep this evening.  AMEN.

I am leaving home by 5:15 tomorrow morning in order to participate in a Lenten Breakfast.  Day 6 is The Cup of Wisdom.  Now, let me think...wisdom....getting up at 3:30 in order to journal. Wisdom...journaling tonight for tomorrow...and in the process not spending the time with Joyce's thoughts that I need?  Wisdom...I may read the devotion tomorrow and journal later in the day....or I may even wait to begin again on Monday!

Lets hear it for Wisdom!

Many Blessings ~ Sandi


  1. Rest in His arms. May He grant you strength and peace.

  2. The best cup is the clean cup I can locate easily. How true in life that the support we lean on is the friend who is available and close. The internet has changed the need for physical closeness but the keyboard is only a substitute for a hug and a shared cup of coffee to solve the current problems.